If you have any complaints regarding the product or our service, feel free to contact us ([email protected]). Rest assured that we are ready and able to resolve any situation that may occur. Products that are consumable goods or that come in direct contact with the skin or intimate body parts are not subject to complaints.

Refunds or substitution of the product

You have the option to substitute the purchased product within 14 days from the date of purchase. The product may be substituted for another product or you can request a refund.

The product you wish to substitute must be undamaged and returned in the original and undamaged packaging with all the accompanying equipment. Otherwise, your complaint will be rejected or partially resolved!

Within 14 days of receiving the package, you can let us know via email ([email protected]) that you are stepping away from the contract and list your data as well as the number of your shipment, or send us an electronic receipt that you have received on your email during the purchase so that we could identify your order. In the meantime, here you can download the form that you need to fill out and return the product to us within 30 days with the filled form at our address:  Matija Perko PR, trgovinska radnja Beograd, Đorđa Stojkovića 4/2, 11250, Belgrade; or Matija Perko PR, trgovinska radnja Beograd, Vodovodska 177a, 11250, Belgrade.

The email you need to write to in the case of a complaint or substitution: [email protected]

You can download the form here: THE FORM


The cost of shipping is paid by the sender. Cash on delivery shipments will not be accepted!

If you don’t send the notice of stepping away from the contract in a written format within 14 days of receiving the shipment, refund or product substitution will not be possible!

Your product will be substituted or your money refunded within 8 business days of receiving your package.